A Queen of Hearts Costume For Halloween

A Queen of Hearts Costume From Alice In Wonderland: Sexy And Original

queen of hearts costume
Best wig for your costume

Selection of  costumes for all occasions. Wear a Queen of Hearts costume for Halloween, to fall festivals parades or events, to a masquerade ball, or select it for a theater performance of “Alice in Wonderland”. You will find here many Queen of Hearts costumes as well as tips on how to pull it off!

Why Choose a “Queen of Hearts Costume?

Halloween and masquerade parties give adults a chance to act out their fantasies and dress as outlandishly as they’d like without the chance of social stigma. Show up in fishnets and a corset at a regular party, and you’ll draw some odd looks…….wear that same corset and stocking get-up to a costume event, and you still stand out, but in a good way.

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Choosing a sexy but literary costume says something about you, and will help you stand out in a crowd. In a room full of pirate wenches, Playboy bunnies and vamps, the Queen of Hearts oozes fun, fearless sophistication and cries out for attention.

Dressing as a dark or naughty character gives you the opportunity to have fun-the Queen of Hearts can shout
“Off with their heads!” if service is slow or she is unpleased. A princess like Cinderella can simply ask nicely for what she wants-a villain can make demands and proclaim her desires as part of the role.</span>

Who can pull off the “Queen of Hearts?” Read this before picking up a Queen of Hearts costume

The Queen of Hearts is all about personality. She is larger than life, wears outlandish clothing, and doesn’t conform to societies’ rules. You’ll be most comfortable as the Queen if you are outgoing, not afraid to get a little loud in public,
and if you don’t mind attention.

If you are shy, don’t like standing out, or are unwilling to shout things like “I’ll ask the questions! Do you play croquet?” at random intervals, you may not enjoy a strong feminine costume like the Queen of Hearts. Consider dressing as the White Queen or Alice instead.

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The Queen of Hearts costume works for virtually any body type (see here for plus size), emphasizing the bust, nipping in the waist, and camouflaging any trouble areas. Skirt lengths can vary, so choose the Queen of Hearts costume you are most comfortable with-and bare a little or bare a lot.


How can you prepare for your role as the Queen of Hearts?

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Watch Disney’s animated classic “Alice in Wonderland” and the 2009 release live action film to get inspiration for your role. Flip through a copy of the original book and read up on the Queen-selecting a few choice quotes to use while you are in costume will help you stay in character.

A Great Queen Of Hearts Costume Is Not Complete Without Proper Make-Up

Here’s a tutorial for a stunning make-up. Turn yourself into the real Queen of Hearts!

Costume’s Accessories – The little things you need to spice up your costume

Accessorize with red, black and white. If you have light hair, consider wearing a wig or using a temporary hair color spray to accent your costume. Try everything on in advance and do your hair and makeup once before the big event, so you can pull your look together quickly when its time to become the “Queen of Hearts”.

Don’t forget your scepter and if you can, wear weird shoes such as these:

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What other costumes go with a “Queen of Hearts” costume?

Companion pieces include the Mad Hatter, Alice, the White Rabbit or any of the denizens of Wonderland. Dress up with a group of Wonderland inspired companions, or go it alone and tote some Wonderland inspired accessories, like a stuffed white rabbit, a black top hat or a pocket watch.

Alice, the Mad Hatter or the Queen of Hearts? If you Had to Pick a Costume, What Would It Be?