Angel Costumes: Be An Angel This Halloween

One of my favorite costumes are angel ones which is why I wanted to collect together some of my favorites angel costumes here to share with you. These are perfect if you are planning a party, pageant or photo shoot.  I have selected a large selection of Angel costumes for babies, kids and adults. Whether you intend your angel to be cute, classic, sexy or fallen – we have the right stuff right here – there is even one costume for a pregnant angel!

Dressing as an angel – DIY angel costumes

Dressing up as a angel is really easy – I once appeared as a nativity angel wearing my mothers satin petticoat with tinsel wings and halo! No reason it wouldn’t work today but you may want to be slightly more sophisticated.Real Natural White Ostrich FeathersReal Natural White Ostrich Feathers

For girls and women: all you need is a suitable white dress – long or short it doesn’t matter. Stiff white card – cut into a butterfly shape with a narrow central band where you can attach ribbon or cord. Decorate the wings as you prefer perhaps with glitter or trim the edges with ribbon. Use feathers, cotton balls, satin fabric..

Use the ribbon or cord you have attached to the center part of the wings to tie it around the chest leave a nice long tail in front so it looks like part of your dress design. You could also use velcro to attach the wings to the dress if you prefer.

Make a halo by covering a circular shape with white ribbon and leave a long tail in the back – fix it to the hair with grips.

For men – easy – a white tee shirt, white pants and a wings and halo set. They are relatively easy to source and not too expensive.

For newborn babies – also easy – a white romper or jumper suit, wings and a halo.

As you see, it’s not too hard to make a nice angel costume. You can even skip the wings/halo making and buy these online:

Light-Up Angel HaloLight-Up Angel HaloAngel Wings & Halo HeadbandAngel Wings & Halo HeadbandAngel Kit AdultAngel Kit AdultFeather Wings & Halo Adults UnisexFeather Wings & Halo Adults Unisex

Angel Costumes For Babies (awwwww cute!)

Angel Costume BabyAngel Costume BabyBaby-Girls Infant Angel, White/Gold, 18-24 MonthsBaby-Girls Infant Angel, White/Gold, 18-24 MonthsBaby Bunting Costume Angel, Angel, 0-9 MonthsBaby Bunting Costume Angel, Angel, 0-9 MonthsInCharacter Baby Girl's Angel Costume, White, 2TInCharacter Baby Girl’s Angel Costume, White, 2T


Angel Costumes For Kids

This is a sure winner! The costume consists of a dress with bell-shaped sleeves and headband halo.

The pretty marabou trim is repeated on the dress’s hem and sleeves. A great costume for pageants, parties and Halloween.

Be sure to check sizes when you order.

 Kid’s White Angel Costume (Size: Medium 7-10) Rubies Rosebud Angel Child Costume, Medium, One Color Feathered Fashions Child’s Snow Angel Costume, Medium California Costumes Guardian Angel Child Costume, Medium Big Girls’ Little Angel Costume Medium (8-10)

Boys Can be Angels Too, Honest!

Angel Boy w/ Wings - Child Large CostumeAngel Boy w/ Wings – Child Large Costume

OK so little boys might want to dress up as an angel too – if so this is gown and halo that will suit them. You have to buy the wings separately though.

My Favorite Angel Costume for Men

California Costumes Men's Archangel Gabriel Adult, Blue/Gold, LargeCalifornia Costumes Men’s Archangel Gabriel Adult, Blue/Gold, Large

Sword and Shield sold separately here: Combat Shield & Sword 12″


Women’s Angel Costumes

Classic or more sexy (not all angels are demure!)

Hefs Angel - X-Small - Dress Size 2-4Hefs Angel – X-Small – Dress Size 2-4InCharacter Costumes Women's Heavenly Angel Costume, White/Gold, LargeInCharacter Costumes Women’s Heavenly Angel Costume, White/Gold, LargeRG Costumes Women's Guardian Angel, White, One SizeRG Costumes Women’s Guardian Angel, White, One SizeRubie's Costume Angel Costume, White, One SizeRubie’s Costume Angel Costume, White, One SizeCalifornia Costumes Women's Guardian Angel Adult, White, LargeCalifornia Costumes Women’s Guardian Angel Adult, White, Large

For the woman with her own little angel on board, this outfit is perfect

 Maternity Angel Costume – Standard – Dress Size 14-16


Angel Makeup


Nice Goody Two-Shoes Angels Are Not Your Things? Be A Fallen Angel!

 InCharacter Costumes Women’s Dark Angel’s Desire Costume, Grey/Silver, Medium InCharacter Costumes Women’s Dark Angel Costume, Black, Large