Best Creepy Candies For Your Halloween Party

creepy candies
Scorpion Suckers (set of 4)

This Halloween add an extra dash of ghoulish fun to your party and terrorize your Trick-or-Treaters with some gross, creepy candies! These gross and creepy candies are sure to be a big hit with kids both young and old this Halloween. Order them online and they can be delivered to your home in plenty of time for the big candy-eating night. Not for
the faint of heart or those possessing a weak stomach. Go on, I dare you to try some of these yourself!


My Own Creepy Candies: They Moved!

When I was a kid of about 2 or 3 years old, I would spend hours in the sandbox eating ants. Yes, I really did eat ants when I was a toddler!My parents would try to stop me, of course, but they couldn’t watch me every single minute of the day. My favorite spot to snack on this “gourmet delicacy” was at my grandfather’s house where he had a sandbox with lots of ants. I survived! And mine were not even dipped in chocolate!

Later, when I was a teen, I ate the grossest thing ever on an Air Cadet Survival camp: tadpoles! We “cooked” them in an instant soup pack from our ration packs. I think that soup stayed in my throat for a week. For a long time, I could still feel these tadpoles sliding down, and cannot prevent myself from shuddering at the memory. That was completely gross and not an experience I wish to go through again anytime soon!

Yours Don’t Have To Be Alive To Gross Your Friends Or Kids!

While eating tadpoles may require more of an adventurous spirit than you possess, if you really want to add a “wow” but weird element to your Halloween party, you can try offering your guests insects covered in chocolate, or lollipops with insects inside. I strongly suggest you keep this idea for your own Halloween party and not give these delicacies to the neighborhood kids who come knocking on your door. Their parents may not be impressed!

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Truth or Dare!

Halloween parties are great places to play games and what would be more fun than to dare all of your guests to eat a lollipop with a real scorpion inside? Have a small prize to give to anyone who is brave enough to eat the entire lollipop, scorpion and all. No cheating allowed!

Maybe Scorpions Are Not your Thing?

Try These Other Flavors such as ants, worms or crickets! The perfect candy for playing ‘Truth or Dare’, these unusual lollipops will be the talking point of your party for weeks to come.  ‘Watching their weight’ is not an excuse! It’s Halloween after all.

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Have a fun and safe Halloween!