Kids Butterfly Party Perfect For Little Girl’s Halloween

kids butterfly party supplies
Butterfly Party Supplies


Butterflies are beautiful, they come in so many different colors and are almost as magical as fairies – so they make a wonderful theme for parties. Here you will find all you need for successful butterfly party from invitations and tableware to suggestions for games and party favors.

Turn your celebration into an educational opportunity too with different parts of the room or different times of the party dedicated to the lifecycle of the butterfly. Download some coloring pages and research some butterfly related games. Make this a day they will never forget.


  What do you need for your kids butterfly party? – make yourself a check list like this one…

Invitations: there are lots of butterfly inspired invitations for sale but your child might prefer to help you make her own. Download some clipart from the internet and get your kid to color them and name them for each of her friends.

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Decorations: can be as simple as balloons and streamers and a few wall decals scattered on the wall. Make decorating part of the party when they arrive. Cut out butterfly shapes and have each child decorate one for themselves then hang them from the ceiling.

Add a unique touch to your butterfly party: by creating a perfect background for photos with butterfly wall decals. When decorating for butterfly parties it’s a little difficult to get all those live butterflies to stand still long enough for a photo opportunity!!! However, it’s easy enough to create a magical butterfly backdrop in any room when you use reusable butterfly wall decals. As a bonus, when the party’s over you can easily peel them off the wall and use them to decorate your daughter’s room. She’ll have fond memories of her party all year long and you’ll be getting double-duty out of your party decorations.

Kids love to have their picture taken, especially when they’re having a party. To create a background for magical, memorable birthday photos, choose a wall or corner in an out-of-the way location and decorate the wall with butterfly decals of your choice. Then, if you have a suitable side chair from your dinette set, decorate it with streamers and place it in front of the wall for the birthday child and friends to use while they’re posing for pictures.

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Here is one possibility for decorating for a kids butterfly party : vinyl stickers. Easy to apply, easy to peel off without leaving marks

Table covers and plates and stuff: plastic covers are probably the best way to go – they are easily cleaned and they come in bright colors. You can also go all the way with butterfly tablecloth, plates and drinking cups.

Food and Drink: think of butterfly shapes for food – burritos and wraps make great caterpillars! For ideas check out: Butterfly Birthday Cakes for some ideas!

Candies: A must for any kids butterfly party! Especially at Halloween!

Butterfly Lollipop (Dozen)Butterfly Lollipop (Dozen)Buy on AmazonWhen you’re hosting an Halloween party it’s a requirement that you have plenty of sweets on hand. Candies for the favor bags, candies in pretty dishes on the table, candies hidden in pinatas and treasure chests and candies given as prizes during party games. Honestly, you can never have too many candies when it comes to Halloween parties.

Butterflies are pretty, so don’t worry scattering them all over your table or decorating the top of your cake. They’re not creepy looking like spiders or worms, so you don’t get that shiver running up and down your spine when a butterfly lollipop pokes it’s head out of your goodie bag.

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Make your own butterfly wings, pin the butterfly wings (instead on the donkey tail), coloring…

Activities For Your Kids Butterfly Party: Make Your Own Goody Bags!

Keeping little ones busy is always your first priority when you host a children’s party. But attention spans are short and energy is running high, so it’s always a good idea to have something on the back burner you can pull out in case of emergency.

Why not let the kids make their own butterfly goody bags? With some brightly colored craft bags and a few sets of butterfly stickers you have an easy activity that will keep everyone occupied while you set up the next game. Once the bags are decorated with their name and their own designs they can fill them with party favors and gifts won at games.

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Party Favors: Make sure you hide plenty of candies and party favors around and use them as prizes for games. By the end of the party the kids will have stuffed their own goody bags – one less thing you’ll have to take care of. And as a plus – you’ll save money on those fancy, expensive goody bags and the kids won’t even notice!

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Don’t Forget The Most Magical Ingredient for Butterfly Parties: Butterfly Wings!

4 Colors Fairy Butterfly Wings Set Party Favor Packages for Girls Toddlers and Kids4 Colors Fairy Butterfly Wings Set Party Favor Packages for Girls Toddlers and KidsBuy on AmazonWhat is it that makes butterflies so attractive and engaging? Their wings! Their beautiful, wispy wings are what children love most. That and the fact that butterflies seem to magically float and glide all over the garden. And let’s not forget their close affiliation with the fairies – who also have wings!

If you’re hosting a kids butterfly party, one of the most important ingredients you need to include are the beautiful, magical butterfly wings! And while you’re at it, you might want to pick up some Antenna too. After all, you’ll need some way to be able to differentiate the butterflies from the fairies!

If you don’t want to buy butterfly wings for your party why not turn it into a game for kids by helping them to make their own?