Free Halloween Spells: Love Spells

Free Halloween Spells: Love Spells

free halloween spells
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Free Halloween spells for everybody, who at one time or another, wishes they could just crinkle up their nose, say a few magic words, and conjure up their dream lover. Someone tall, dark and handsome, or a cute, perky blonde. We’ve all seen someone in an elevator or across a crowded room and thought to ourselves – Wow! What I wouldn’t give to be able to make that person mine!

Well, here’s your chance! Somewhere in this list of love spells you’re sure to find the magic you’ve been looking for!

Will these Free Halloween spells ONLY work during Halloween? Not at all. Use any of them, any time you get the urge. But they’ll all work better at Halloween because that’s the time that the veil between the physical world and the world of magic is at it’s thinnest.

Anything can happen at Halloween! And with one of these spells, you might just find the person of your dreams! And even if you don’t you can have a lot of fun trying!

Free Halloween Spells

1-Use Perfume To Attract Your Love

Spray your favorite perfume onto a mirror or window. In the mist, write your name, the name of your lover, and what you would like to see happen. Wipe the perfume off with a tissue or handkerchief and wear it next to your skin until your wish comes true.

2- Easy Free Halloween Love Spell

On the day before Halloween, write your love wishes on a piece of paper and sleep with them under your pillow that night. At midnight on Halloween Night, toss the piece of paper into a bonfire.

On Halloween night, take a Love Letter from your partner, fold it 9 times, pin it together and sleep with it under your pillow. If you dream of silver, glass, castles, gems or water, your love is real. If you dream of flowers, wood, linen or uniforms it means your lover is being deceitful or false.

Eat a salty sardine before bedtime. The man you’ve been waiting for should appear in your dreams and offer you a drink of water to slake your thirst.

On Halloween Night, sit comfortably in a darkened room. In the light from a single candle, gaze at your own reflection in a mirror. While concentrating on your reflection, either eat an apple or comb your hair. An image of your future husband should appear in the glass. But be careful! Don’t turn around to look for him – he’ll disappear forever!

Wear a wedding ring on a string around your neck every time you go to meet the person you want to marry and soon their thoughts will turn to marriage, too!

Write the name of your intended on a piece of paper, fold the paper, and slip it inside a small piece of copper tubing. Crimp both ends of the tubing and wear it around your neck for 7 days. At the end of the 7 days your lover will come to you.

On Halloween night, fling a string of yarn out your window. The person who comes along to wind it back up will be your new lover.

Already have a Lover but not sure if it will last?  This spell will answer that question for you. You and your lover should sit together in front of an open fire at dusk on Halloween Night. Each of you should place a walnut close to the flames, but not into the fire. If the walnuts begin to glow and sputter you are meant to be together  and will enjoy a long, enduring love. If the walnuts burst or crackle, it means you’ll have a fiery relationship, full of turmoil and that you’ll each la ck sympathy for the other.

For this spell you’ll also need an open fire on Halloween Night. Line up a row of Hazelnuts in front of the fire, one to represent each of your lovers or people you’d like to have fall in love with you. Concentrating on each in his own turn, chant “If you love me, pop and fly, if you hate me, burn and die!”

At midnight on Halloween Night, take only a small lamp and gaze into a spring. There in the water you should see the image of your future husband.

3- Who Will Be The First To Marry?

This is a Love Spell that you and your friends can work together. This spell will tell you who will be the first to marry.

Place 4 cups inside a circle on a table. Place a ring inside one cup, a coin in another cup, a sprig of heather or orange blossom in the third, and leave the fourth cup empty.

You and all of your friends all need to be blindfolded and then carefully, all together, walk around the table 3 times. When you come to a stop, everyone must remain blindfolded and reach for a cup.

The person who touches the cup with the orange blossom or sprig of heather will be the first to wed. The person who touches the cup with the coin will be wanting all her life. The person who touches the cup with the ring will experience devoted love. And the person who touches the empty cup will likely be single for life.

4- Candle Magic Love Spells


In a small bowl, that’s never been used for anything else, mix the following: 1 cup of river or ocean water, 1 teaspoon of powdered hot pepper, 1 teaspoon of powdered rosemary, 5 drops of Jasmine oil, 5 or 6 drops of your own blood. Sprinkle this mixture in or near the house of the one you love, at the same time speaking aloud what it is you

Write your wish (or wishes) on 7 small pieces of paper. On 7 consecutive nights, light a lavender candle and burn one of the pieces of paper, praying for you wish to come true quickly. Burn the ashes from each paper to the 4 corners, outside your home and then snuff out the candle. On the 7th night, allow the candle to finish burning all the way down while meditating on your wish. Bury the remaining wax under a rosebush or near a church.


Come To Me Oil & Pink Candles SetCome To Me Oil & Pink Candles SetBuy on AmazonThis candle spell will attract a passionate, new love and works best when performed on 3 consecutive nights.

Gather together 2 candles – a red taper and a pink taper – some red thread and some Jasmine oil.

Bless the candles with the Jasmine oil and then light them, visualizing the flames of passion between you and your unknown mystery lover.

Wrap the red thread in a figure 8 around both of the candles to bind them together, all the while repeating: “Flames of passion and seeds of romance grow; I open my heart to love. Now the one who seeks me shall come.”


Spell Candles (40 Candles) - One Shipping Charge!Spell Candles (40 Candles) – One Shipping Charge!Buy on AmazonThis Is A Spell To Bring Back A Lost Love

Position 4 candles as follows: a red candle in the South, a green candle in the North, a yellow candle in the East, and a blue candle in the West.

Light the candles and, holding 2 lit pink candles in your hands, face the red candle.

Repeat the following chant until you feel you’ve been successful: “Beautiful Goddess, powerful God, hear my prayer! Lords of fire, burn my desire, times three if it is meant to be. Bring *NAME OF INTENDED* back to me.”

5- A Spell To Attract Your Ideal Lover

Peel an apple, being careful to keep the peel in one piece. Toss the peel back over your right shoulder. Turn around and look at it. What letter does is most closely resemble? That will be the first letter in your new lover’s name.

Every night for a month place a lit white tea candle in the window to attract your new love.

Get a small mirror that your lover has looked into but don’t look into it yourself. Break the mirror into small pieces and bury them in your yard. Every Friday night for 13 consecutive weeks, sprinkle the site with tea made from the Spikenard Herb while repeating your lover’s name.

6- Spell To Find Your Perfect Love

Gather together 1 sheet of lined paper, 1 pen with red ink, 1 envelope, your favorite perfume, your favorite lipstick, some red or pink rose petals.

Using the red pen, make a list, on the lined paper, of all of the qualities you’re looking for in your perfect lover.

Next, spritz the paper with your favorite perfume, fold it, and place it in the envelope.

Hold the rose petals in your right hand and squeeze them as tightly as possible, infusing them with your energy, while you visualize yourself being happy and in love. Place the petals into the envelope with your list. Seal the envelope and then apply your red lipstick and seal the envelope with your kiss. Now, hide the envelope away in a safe place and never, EVER, open it!

I hope you’ll make good use of these free Halloween spells!