Scary Clown Costumes For Halloween

scary clown costumes
Snake Tongue Evil Scary Clown Mask

Even as a child I always found clowns frightening and these scary clown costumes are just too much for me! If you want to dress up as clown for Halloween you might as well go the whole way and go for the grotesque.

If you can afford it  there are plenty of pre made scary clown costumes and masks to choose from, or you could rent one. The costumes featured here are all  reasonably priced. Or if you are talented and want to can make your own with the right accessories and a good makeup job.

Scary clown costumes are perfect for men or maybe teenage boys.

Expensive But Very Complete Scary Clown Costume

 Creature Reaches Giggles The Clown Costume, Red, Standard

This officially licensed “Creature Reachers” costume is grotesque enough for anyone.

The costume consists of outfit, a clown tunic with a ruffle collar and outsized head mask and hand extensions made of 100% latex.

And of course the latex gun, just remember to put it down when you are eating.

 Smiffys Men’s Scary Clown Costume Smiffys Men’s Classic Horror Clown Costume Smiffys Men’s Cirque Sinister Scary Bo Bo The Clown Costume Men’s Inflatable Evil Clown Costume, Multi, Standard FunWorld Killer Clown Complete, Black/White, One Size

Scary Clown Mask & Wigs

If you don’t want a full clown costume you can create a great look with just a mask and wig

 Clown Mask

Now this IS scary! The latex mask looks as if his face is disintegrating before your eyes. Painted with red nose and horrible yellow teeth this is the stuff of nightmares. The rainbow colored curly wig doesn’t improve it any.

 The Clown Skinner, Multi, One Size Scary Red-Eyed Clown 3/4 Mask Rubie’s Costume Co Clown Mask Costume Disguise Inc – Clown Doll Mask Twisted Clown Costume Adult Halloween

 Rubie’s Costume Co Siamese Clown Mask Costume

Who thinks up these thing? I would hate to be in the mind of the designers of these masks – they must have some memorable nightmares. Check there are no kids around when you don these.

How to make your own scary clown costume – home made Halloween costume tips

Money is tight for everyone right now so here are a few tips on how you can create your own scary clown costume without it costing a lot of money.

1- Use clothes you already have, even better borrow larger sizes from friends and family – oversized sweats are good. You can mix colors, the brighter the better or go for the black and white look which will make it easier to source.

2- If you can’t find anything suitable, try browsing the thrift shops and garage sales, you only want to pay a dollar or two and again, look for tops and pants in large sizes and either in black and white or contrasting colors. Golfer clothes are good, often the pants are in plaid or herringbone which is just the ticket.

3- Make yourself a clown’s ruffle collar. If you have any scraps of material at home or an old shirt or something you don’t mind cutting up that is fine. Lay it out flat and cut it in as large a circle as possible. Use scissors with a crimped edge so it leaves a wavy pattern and you don’t have to hem it. Cut out a hole from the center large enough to fit you head through. You will need to hem this edge leaving the ends open so you can thread some ribbon through it. With very loose thread or fine elastic thread create two lines of sewing – it doesn’t matter how far apart. (Watch the video below on how to make ruffles.) Pull the ends of the thread to draw the material in.

4- When it is round your neck just pull the thread tight and the excess material should pleat around you. You can stiffen it with starch or use a stiff paper instead.
Find yourself a pair of large white gloves
Make covers for your shoes to make your feel look huge – try making a template out of stiff cardboard and painting them, glue or tie them onto your shoes or trainers.

5- If you can find a colored curly wig – great, if you can’t use gel and hair color spray to create an outlandish hair style.

Super Value Family Makeup KitSuper Value Family Makeup Kit

6- Make up is the final touch. White face make-up or paint creates a background (use special makeup cream for this such as this “clown white cream“). Paint in a huge mouth with vicious looking teeth, outline the eyes in red, maybe with red (blood) tear drops or slashes. Make it as grotesque as you like, there are some excellent videos here for you to watch and you can always copy one of the masks we feature here for sale. You can buy make-up suitable for clown make-up at really reasonable prices.

7- If you wish, add some fake blood to your outfit!