Spiderweb Eggs Recipe

Tasty Spiderweb Eggs Recipe for Halloween

spiderweb eggs recipe
Credit: Mickipedia on Flickr under CC

Hard boiled eggs are great to eat any time of the year. To make them a little more fun for Halloween, we can turn them into Spider web Eggs. We use blueberries and hot water to make the web decorations on the egg.

This recipe is a fun project and a unique idea for a Halloween party tray. You can even get the kids involved a little. However, the little ones will have to mostly watch from the sidelines because you will be cooking the eggs on a hot stove. But they can place the eggs in the pot and dump the blueberries in the pot.

I have learned through much experience that kids enjoy any part they get in cooking a fun recipe. Even if it’s as simple as licking a spoon. There will be no spoon licking in this project, though.


So, let’s get started on our spiderweb eggs recipe.

Ingredients to make these delightfully creepy eggs

1 Dozen Large Eggs
8 Cups of Cool Water
2 Cups of Frozen Blueberries


1. Place your eggs in the bottom of your biggest pot or pan. Arrange
the eggs in a single layer.
2. Pour the cups of water over the eggs.
3. Dump all the frozen blueberries into the pot.
4. Bring to a boil.
5. Remove from heat, cover and let stand for 10 minutes.
6. Remove the eggs one by one using a slotted spoon and place them on
a kitchen towel that is laid flat on the table.
7. Lightly crack the shell on the side of the egg using a whisk or
wooden spoon. The slotted spoon may work too. You are trying to get a
nice crack that will look like a spiderweb when we are finished.
8. Gently place all of the eggs in a medium-large bowl. Pour the
cooked blueberry water over the eggs in the bowl.
9. Place bowl in the refrigerator and let the eggs cool completely.
10. Drain water from bowl.
11. Peel eggs one by one and serve with salt seasoning.

Are you trying this Spiderweb Eggs Recipe this Halloween