Wear A Devil Costume for Halloween

devil costume ideasBe Naughty And Show Up In A Devil Costume This Year

For a lot of us, money is tight and buying a devil costume might be easier then a DIY but certainly not cheap. So with that in mind I’ve included some ideas on how you can make your own devil costume without breaking the bank. Or skip at the bottom of this page and check out a few selected devil costume for women, men and kids.






DIY Devil Costume

The colors are obvious – red and black. To some extend it doesn’t matter what you wear for the main part of your costume – either a red or black dress for a woman, red or black top and black pants for men and boys would do and then you can build up the costume from there. I would add high heels or boots for the best look.

Check thrift stores if you need. You can find dirt cheap clothing there. Ebay and Vinted are also a good alternative and you can easily browse their selection from home. Not to mention both sites have a lot of listings to browse.

Then add some accessories:

Devil Horns HeadbandDevil Horns HeadbandDevil's Pitchfork with HandleDevil’s Pitchfork with HandleDevil Tail-Sequin TipDevil Tail-Sequin TipCustomeReversible Devil CapeCustomeReversible Devil CapeWomen's Devil Kit, Wings & HornsWomen’s Devil Kit, Wings & Horns


  • You need some horns – there are plenty of headbands with horns you can buy or you can create your own and stick them to a wig or onto your forehead.
  • A forked tail –  if you are a devil you need a tail with a fork at the end. If you don’t want to buy one you can make your own.
  • For that extra touch – a swirling cape! You can make one easily from cheap material – just hem both ends of a piece of material that is your length from shoulders to ankles, thread a cord through the hem at the top and gather the material – fasten to your neck with the cord.
  • Wings – after all the devil was a fallen angel so he is often portrayed with wings – they have to be red or black though.
  • Devil wigs: It’s amazing how a simple wig can add to a costume.


There are so many videos out there, it really depends on what you are looking to achieve. This is a make-up I like, but if you want somethings less in your face, check YouTube for more ideas. Plenty of tutorials for both men and women.

Buy Your Own Devil Costume

Maybe DIY is not your thing, or you just don’t have time? It’s ok, you can easily find a large selection of devil costumes online.

Devil's Temptress Adult Costume - SmallDevil’s Temptress Adult Costume – Small

How classy is this costume? You might be a real devil but you will feel like a queen in this long gown.

The costume consists of a long gown with a stand-up collar, lace petticoat and a gorgeous choker. The finishing touch is a deluxe devil horns.

You can actually get this one in various sizes (check here)



Wincolor Halloween Cosplay Sexy Devil Lady She-Devil Costume Mini DressWincolor Halloween Cosplay Sexy Devil Lady She-Devil Costume Mini Dress

Great sexy outfit for parties and Halloween. You will look stunningly evil!

Pair it up with a pair of fishnet tights and high heels and you have a winner.

Horns and fork included!





More Choice For Her:

Women's Devilish Diva Red Devil CostumeWomen’s Devilish Diva Red Devil CostumeWomen's Devilish Diva Costume, Red, X-LargeWomen’s Devilish Diva Costume, Red, X-LargeWomen's Pentagram Devil CostumeWomen’s Pentagram Devil CostumeWomen's Devil Halloween CostumeWomen’s Devil Halloween Costume





Devil Costume for Kids

Spitfire Costume - ToddlerSpitfire Costume – Toddler

Red bodysuit with hood and horns and a tail, what more do you need to dress your little boy as a devil – great for parties and Halloween.

Reviews are generally quite favorable on this costume but most people seem to agree it tends to be on the short side so you might be better with a bigger size.




Fun World girls devil tutu classic medium halloween costume 8-10 RedFun World girls devil tutu classic medium halloween costume 8-10 Red

This is a simple tunic type dress that makes for an easy costume. This devil costume for girls features dress, belt, headband and choker. The devils’ fork is not included though.


InCharacter Costumes Women's Delinquent Devil, Red/Black, MediumInCharacter Costumes Women’s Delinquent Devil, Red/Black, Medium

By the time they reach 10 or 12 girls want to look trendy even when they dress up so it is important to them that they look good. This trendy costume is a great choice.

This particular costume includes a dress with mini skirt and uneven hem, a vest with tie and the wings. The hat is accented with horns to complete the look.




Men’s Devil Costumes:

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Men's Dashing Devil Costume, Red/Black, X-LargeInCharacter Costumes, LLC Men’s Dashing Devil Costume, Red/Black, X-LargeThis costume consists of a vest with jabot and medallion, black gloves and horns and a swirling full length red satin cape. It has a real Gothic feel to it!

Costume Demon LordCostume Demon LordMen's Costume DevilMen’s Costume DevilMen's  Handsome Red Devil CostumeMen’s Handsome Red Devil CostumeMen's Dapper Devil CostumeMen’s Dapper Devil CostumeDevil Adult Devil Costume with HornsDevil Adult Devil Costume with Horns