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Looking for really unique Halloween pails? Tired of the same old boring trick or treat buckets? Look no further. I have assemble for you a selection of the most unique and unusual Halloween pails. Nowadays, treat bags come in all sorts of forms and shapes. Say goodbye, or even kick to the curb, that old ratty tired plastic pumpkin bucket. They are sooo 70’s anyway…

Some of these wonderful Halloween pails can also be used as decoration.  Even if you don’t plan to go trick or treat, there is no reasons not own one (or many). Use it to store the candies your will be giving on Halloween night. Use it as a table centerpiece.  Planning an Halloween party? Place these Halloween pails filled with candies in strategic places around the house and surprise your guests! Don’t care much for Halloween? It doesn’t matter! Some of these treat bags can be use all year ’round. Tens will go crazy with some of the girly cosplay bags displayed here.

Ghost Halloween PailGhost Halloween Pail

Whimsical ghost Halloween pail. It’s perfect has an home decor piece or for older kids who enjoy the weird and whimsical world of ghosts. It’s made of fabric and is about 8″D x 10″H. This unique trick or treat bucket is exclusively available online at Nordstrom. If you prefer cats, Nordstrom also offers this fabric treat or treat bucket in a wonderful black cat design!Black Cat Halloween Pail Black Cat Halloween Pail

Witch Cauldron PailWitch Cauldron Pail


This witch cauldron pail is the perfect accessory to any witch costume. BUT a little buyer beware: it’s made of papier mâché so it would be best to avoid using it on rainy nights. It’s also perfect as a table centerpiece. The cauldron measures 7.25″ wide; x 12.5″ high. It will hold a lot of candies!






Forget those Jack-O-Lantern Pails, Buy an Halloween Skull Bucket This Year:

Bethany Lowe Spooky Halloween Skelly Skull Candy Bucket HolderBethany Lowe Spooky Halloween Skelly Skull Candy Bucket HolderHalloween Ghost Bucket Skull LanternHalloween Ghost Bucket Skull LanternSkull BucketSkull BucketUp Town Ghoul Skull BucketUp Town Ghoul Skull BucketSkull BucketsSkull Buckets

Small Classic Halloween Metal Pails

These are pretty small, not good for trick or treat but prefect display for the house. Fill with candies or add a votive light inside.

Peanuts Halloween PailsPeanuts Halloween PailsDay of the Dead PailsDay of the Dead PailsBlack & White Halloween PailsBlack & White Halloween Pails

Classic Monsters Halloween Pails

Cool design but small. Made from paper pulp. Perfect on your Halloween table or mantle.

 Ghoulish Monster Candy Buckets – Frankenstein Ghoulish Monster Candy Buckets – Dracula Ghoulish Monster Candy Buckets – Skull

You Can’t Go Wrong With This Batty Bucket!

 Batty Bucket

Fab Kawaii Pail For Girls

Plush Lambie Treat BucketPlush Lambie Treat Bucket

Although it’s from a kid’s cartoon TV (Doc McStuffins), this plush lamb treat bucket will appeal to the teen crowd and anime fans.







So which are your favorite Halloween pails? Mine are the ghost and the Batty Bucket!